First Aid Kits & Go-Bags

Looking over the First Aid Kits & Go-Bags, checking the expiration dates & stocking up. Autumn is always a Good time of year for remembering to do it. It’s right after summer fun ends and just before when the clocks change and all the chaos and festivities of the Holiday Season starts up. So many temptations, chocolate, nuts, tinsel, poisonous plants, traffic, etc.

Simethicone, Benadryl, Charcoal, Narcan, Snake-Bite Kit, Electrolytes, Tourniquet, Chew-Proof Bandages, Scissors, Tweezers, Splints, Gauze, Styptic Powder, Burn Gel, Musher’s Wax, Eye Wash, Peroxide, Iodine, Gloves, Hand Sanitizer, Disposal Bags, Head Lamp, Glow Sticks, Whistle, Mylar Blanket, Cold Pack, Rescue-Carrying-Sling, Zip-Ties, Paracord, Rain Ponchos, Medic Alert Card, Poison Control #'s & Vet Info. (We even keep extra kibble & food rations in there just in case we get stuck overnight somewhere.) - What’s in your Bag?