Service Dog Certification & Registry

In the United States per the ADA Service Dogs do NOT have to be professionally trained. They CAN be trained by the owner of the dog.

The task that they are trained to do MUST be directly related to the Disabled Handler's disability. There is NO testing that the dog has to do to prove that they are a Service Dog legally.

Now there are many organizations and programs that do a "public access test," but it is NOT a requirement for a Service Dog to work, nor is the "canine good citizen" test.

However the dog should be trained to behave in public and if it is not behaving appropriately a business has the right to ask the animal to be removed from the establishment while still providing service to the disabled person without the animal.

Remember IDs and Registrations purchased online Do NOT hold up under the Department of Justice and are NOT legitimate proof of a dog being a legitimate Service Dog.

Please feel free to read more : Question #17 Certification and Registration ADA Requirements - Service Animals Certification and Registration

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